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Honeybee products are very beneficial and have a wonderful healing effect whether taken internally or applied topically. Products of the honeybee include bee venom, honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and beeswax. Honey firms, strengthens and rejuvenates the skin. In addition honey also has natural antiseptic and antibiotic properties, serves as an antioxidant, and helps the skin to retain moisture. Other wonderful ingredients that are used in Asali Aromatics soap are replenishing shea butter, jojoba oil, organic beeswax among other natural ingredients that are a characteristic of a particular scent. All of the soaps tantalize the senses and are generously fragrant. These soaps are great for all FACE & BODY & HAIR . In fact many of the essential oils used have anti-aging properties and are nourishing for a beautiful complexion. Because these soaps are loaded with moisture, they are excellent for shaving. Please look out in the future for the new body butters and organic beeswax candles.

We wish all of our patrons, a peaceful, bubbly bath experience!

Asali Aromatics Soap is also sold at Asali Yoga Shop. 601 West 149th Street in Harlem New York.

This soap is freshly handmade with the best, all natural ingredients so please allow up to 7 days (but usually ships faster) for delivery.

Soap Scents



This sexy soap combines the best French lavender, ylang ylang "the flower of flowers" from Madagascar, and Mysore Indian sandalwood. The combination is heavenly and sensuous.


Honey and Sea Clay are a brilliant purifying combination for the skin. The antiseptic yet moisturizing properties of the honey, and the detoxifying clay are a gentle and effective way of drawing out impurities. This soap has the uplifting happy scent of geranium balanced with the centering and  grounding rosewood.


This invigorating soap is wonderful to wake up to in the morning, or it can be used anytime to give you an aromatherapeutic lift. The combination of refreshing spearmint and peppermint drizzled with rosemary add a bright boost to start your day. 


coffeesoap soap harlem yoga honeysoap.jpg

This is the best coffee soap made with real coffee beans and true coffee essential oil. The honey and shea butter add excellent moisture, while the coffee beans serve as a decadent scrub. Coffee bean essential oil lifts the spirits, energizes the body and mind, improves respiration, and soothes aching muscles. It is an antidepressant and a wonderful antioxidant for the skin.


Pure Heaven. This lovely fresh ginger scented soap has hints of sweet cardamom. 


This is a limited edition of Wild Verbena from South Africa, Lemongrass, and Orange Bitter.

Asali Aromatics is decadent collection that focuses on apitherapy and aromatherapy. The products are made with pure and natural honeybee products, including the essential oils from the very flowers that bees help pollinate. The line reflects a passion for formulas that inspire wellness of the mind, body and soul. Asali Aromatics started out as an artisanal soap company named Amberkissed, which incorporates specific honey bee products and aromatherapy formulas in the soap. Now expanding into beeswax candles and other skin products, this unique and naturally fragrant line contains various combinations of organic honey, organic beeswax, herbs, flowers, various premium unrefined emollient oils and butters, and the best quality essential oils. We never ever use artificial or synthetic fragrances or ingredients. We are also a sustainable company that supports the wellness of bees and the planet, and therefore refrain from using plastic or excessive packaging.

They are $10 each. You may purchase them directly in the Asali Yoga Shop, or order the Holiday Special Trio for $25 and Free Shipping here.

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